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Gemstone Necklaces

Brand: SuperBrand
18ct Yg 3x Green Amethyst 15.47ct, 2x Amethyst 12.11ct, 3x Pink Opal 10.47ct Irregular Rose Cut Spec Set Necklet..
Ex Tax:$1,001.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 13x Emerald Oval 5.25ct w/ 169x RBC Diamond 5.80ct 1/2 Set 13 Halo Y drop Marquies Spacer Necklace..
Ex Tax:$9,976.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 15x Emerald 10.31ct Oval w/ 238x RBC 4.35ct Dia Halo Necklet..
Ex Tax:$11,145.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 15x Emerald Oval 10.88ct w/ 238x RBC Diamond 5.10ct 15x Halo Necklet Half Set..
Ex Tax:$15,902.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 15x Ruby 13.00ct Oval w/ 238x RBC 5.14ct Dia Halo Half Set Line Necklet..
Ex Tax:$13,131.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 17x Emerald Oval 12.88ct w/ 304x RBC Diamond 4.44ct Fancy Half Halo Necklace..
Ex Tax:$15,579.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 23x Emerald Oval 16.76ct w/ 350x RBC Diamond 11.98ct Fancy Full Cluster w/ RBC (Marq) Y Drop Necklace..
Ex Tax:$25,248.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 23x Sapphire Oval 21.75ct w/ 350x RBC Diamond 11.51ct Cluster (Marq) Y Drop Necklace..
Ex Tax:$24,150.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 24x Sapphire Oval 16.10ct w/ 318x RBC Diamond 11.92ct Y Cluster (Marq) Full Set Necklace..
Ex Tax:$19,502.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 26x Emerald Oval 19.02ct w/ 524x RBC Diamond 6.64ct Halo Full Necklet..
Ex Tax:$17,305.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 29x Tanzanite Oval 24.72ct w/ 524x RBC Diamond 6.88ct Full Halo Fancy Necklace..
Ex Tax:$16,836.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 31x Pink Sapphire 17.59ct w/ 498x RBC Diamond 6.22ct Halo Full Line Necklace..
Ex Tax:$10,486.00
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