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Brand: SuperBrand
18W RBC w/ Fancy Spray Circle Pendant 8.41ct Half/Half Necklet..
Ex Tax:$7,462.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W Sapphire Oval 4.13ct Pendant Drop Fancy Marquise Shape Cluster w/ 306x RBC Diamond 8.55ct Fancy Marquise Shape & Line Necklace..
Ex Tax:$12,167.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18ct Wg Spaced Rbc 1.30ct With Pavé Square Links Half/Half Necklet..
Ex Tax:$1,971.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18ct Wg Sunstone Slices 43.25ct Spec Set With Chain Between Each Stone Long Necklace..
Ex Tax:$1,147.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18Y 136x RBC Diamond 2.83ct Crown Graduated Full Line..
Ex Tax:$2,739.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18Y 150x RBC Diamond 9.03ct 4 Claw Line Necklet..
Ex Tax:$7,672.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18Y 87x Graduated RBC 4.16ct 1/2 Set Line Necklet..
Ex Tax:$5,127.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18Y 8x RBC Diamond 0.43ct Spec Set Necklace 18"..
Ex Tax:$828.00
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