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Brand: SuperBrand
18W 7x RBC Flowers 3.64ct With Bar & Blank Flower Link Ends Half/Half Necklet..
Ex Tax:$4,390.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 800x RBC Diamond 3.47ct w/ 300x Baguette Diamond 4.65ct Octavia/ Bar/ Octavia Halo/ Bar Long Necklet..
Ex Tax:$11,865.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 81x RBC Diamond 1.75ct 3 Open Flower & Bar Y Fancy Necklace..
Ex Tax:$2,614.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 90x BAG Diamond 1.72ct w/ 756x RBC Diamond 3.64ct Halo Oct & Marq w/ Bar & Rubover Spacers Halo Sautoir Neaklace..
Ex Tax:$8,763.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 940x RBC Diamond 8.40ct w/ 60x Baguette Diamond 1.07ct 8x Spaced Out (Pear Illusion Halo/ Octavia Halo/ Pear Illusion Halo) Sautoir..
Ex Tax:$11,591.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 94x RBC Diamond 29.51ct 4 Claw Full Line Necklace..
Ex Tax:$13,291.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 9x Emerald OVAL 3.11ct w/ 202x RBC 4.81ct 9x Halo & line Spaceing Half Set Necklace..
Ex Tax:$7,395.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 9x Emerald Oval 4.90ct w/ 204x RBC Diamond 6.05ct Trefoil & Cluster Half Set Necklace..
Ex Tax:$9,724.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18ct Wg Alternate Black/White Rbc With Larger Rbc Centre 2.65ct Half/Half Necklet..
Ex Tax:$3,187.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18ct Wg Amethyst, Citrine, Blue Topaz, Smoky Topaz & Peridot 52.88ct Spec Set Flower Clusters With Chain Between Each Necklace..
Ex Tax:$1,091.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18ct Wg Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot & Garnet Marquises 37.80ct Spec Set Chain Between Each With End Tassle Necklace..
Ex Tax:$1,519.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W Bar Link Necklet Pavé Set With 3 X (3xrbc) Front Drop Detail 1.45ct..
Ex Tax:$2,645.00
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