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Ruby Earrings

Brand: SuperBrand
18R Ruby Round 3.75ct w/ 88x RBC Diamond 1.16ct Round Concave Earrings..
Ex Tax:$2,956.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 16x Ruby Oval 2.95ct Each w/ RBC Pave Surround 1.21ct Total Set In A Tear Drop Shape Omega Clip Earrings..
Ex Tax:$2,174.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 16x Ruby Pear Shape 7.87ct & RBC 1.16ct Omega Clip Earrings..
Ex Tax:$3,222.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 2x Burmese Ruby Heart 2.17ct with 248x RBC 1.03ct Pave Halo Omega Clip Earrings..
Ex Tax:$7,444.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 2x Pear Ruby 5.58ct w/ 40x RBC Diamond 0.46ct Halo Stud Earring..
Ex Tax:$2,761.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 2x RBC Ruby 0.96ct w/ 36x RBC Diamond 0.08ct Single Halo Martini Studs..
Ex Tax:$1,421.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 2x Row Rbc 2.30ct w/ 1x Oval Ruby 2.25ct 1x Blank Setting End Drop Earring..
Ex Tax:$4,338.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 2x Ruby 1.34ct Octagon w/ 28x RBC 0.38ct Cluster Earrings..
Ex Tax:$2,443.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 2x Ruby 1.51ct Pear w/ 22x RBC 0.91ct Dia Cluster Earrings..
Ex Tax:$2,767.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 2x Ruby Heart 1.08ct w/ 28x RBC Diamond 0.22ct Cluster Stud Earrings..
Ex Tax:$1,952.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18ct Wg 2x Ruby Marquise 4.20ct With 60x Rbc 0.36ct Surround Earring..
Ex Tax:$2,228.00
Brand: SuperBrand
18W 2x Ruby Marquise 5.56ct w/ 36x Rbc 1.29ct Cluster Earring..
Ex Tax:$2,795.00
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